TOP Games like Diablo

The best computer games have become so exciting because they can expand your imagination, challenging you with their gameplay, world construction, and great graphics. This article will consider games similar to Diablo.

Diablo – one of the best computer games

Diablo is an iconic action RPG in which the player must fight their way through sixteen randomly generated dungeon levels filled with monsters and treasures. The goal of the players is to destroy the miraculous demon named Diablo, who is the Lord of Terror, and who terrorizes the small and quiet village of Tristram, as well as the entire kingdom of Khanduras.

Players can choose one of three characters – a warrior, an archer, and a magician, who take completely different approaches to the goal. The warrior relies on his defense, the archer fights enemies from afar, and the magician prefers to destroy enemies with combat spells. In addition to the main storyline, the game also has a small number of random quests, which are usually given out by the villagers. Completing them is optional, but the heroes will receive generous rewards for accomplishing them.

Games similar to Diablo

This list presents games, which are worthy contenders when you want to play something like Diablo:

  • Torchlight

This game was created by a team of Blizzard immigrants who worked on Diablo 1 and 2. The first part of Torchlight is an echo of the past and a mirror image of Diablo 1. We have all the same 3 Classes of characters, magician, warrior, and shooter with only slightly different names. The game’s plot is simple and meaningless.

  • Sacred 2

 Ancaria has become even larger in comparison with the huge world of the first part. And to complete the entire game only on the first difficulty with the completion of all side quests, you will need from 20 to 35 hours of play! And the maximum level of the character can be pumped right up to 215! In addition to all of the above, there are 7 characters and two campaigns for light and darkness.

  • Warhammer: Vermintide 2

It is the second installment of the critically acclaimed Vermintide series. Players will experience fierce melee combat in a first-person co-op mode where humans face off against hordes of hostile beasts. Unlike the first part, each of the heroes has not only the main profession but also subclasses (three per character), which makes the gameplay much more varied. Vermintide 2 classes will experience several levels of difficulty in the campaign and various complicated “heroic” missions.

  • Titan Quest

 The main feature of Titan Quest is the customization and combination of hero classes. At the start, you only have a choice in creating a male or female character. But when you increase your level, you can choose as many as two classes for your hero. There are more than 50 such combinations in the game, not to mention the fact that you can still develop them in different ways. In general, with customization and pumping in the game, everything is at the highest level.

  • Wolcen

In general, the game is very interesting but has an average plot. As for the graphics, it is at a very high level in the game, perhaps CryEngine played a big role in this. The gameplay of this game is special as it is a mixture of dynamic action + RPG. Boss fights are packed with action thanks to somersaults and active area bosses. Playing Wolcen gives you a lot of positive emotions and a moderate amount of the game’s difficulty.